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Will you survive a Zombie Attack  quiz. Hey I m just preparing you for the future It either a Zombie attack Alien Invasion or Cyborg Robots take over the world like in Terminator Salvation Will you survive Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Will you survive a Zombie Attack?
Hey.I'm just preparing you for the future.It either a Zombie attack,Alien Invasion or Cyborg Robots take over the world like in Terminator Salvation.Will you survive?

1. You turn on the TV and some weirdo scientist is going about a virus that can turn people into Zombies.you turn the channel and everybody is freaking out about a "Zombie Attack.
Who gives a poo?*Turn to cartoons*
*Start freaking out*
*Get Supplies and load a the car start boarding doors and windows*
2. Suddenly 40 fricken Zombies burst through your door.You grab you dog and -
run up to the attic.
Stay there and die together.
Grab a banana and start beating them with it*Everybody knows Zombies are allergic to BANANAS*
Throw the Plasma Screen TV at them
3. Some how you and your puppy make it out.You suddenly realise that your baby sister is missing.
I have to find her!
She`ll survive!
I`ll find her eventually.
4. You find your sister being attacked by some Zombie dogs.
Run her and the dogs over.
Jump out and start beating them with a banana you randomly find next to a sleeping monkey!
Leave casually.
5. She makes it in to the car.You drive and drive and stop to pee.The drive some more.Then it starts to get dark and your sister and puppy are getting hungry.You stop at-
Some weird Gas Station
A Port-a-potty
A garbage can where some ho-bo`s are sleeping
6. You put you sister and puppy to bed.But you cant sleep because you keep hearing sounds out side the door.Then a loud crash outside the door makes you jump.
Stay up all night & guard your pup and sis
Sleep anyway
Ignore it.
7. The next morning a HOARD of zombies are outside!They start to break through the glass and attack.You have a choice of these weapons.
A Bazooka.Bazookas kick butt!
A banana cannon.
A flaming sword
A pistol
A cage with a T-rex in it.And he`s hungry.
8. You suddenly see you crush.But sadly there a zombie.Do you-
Kill them with out heasitasion.
Kill them with a romantic tear
Hit them with a table over the head.
9. When all the Zombies are dead you notice that you puppy is barking at something.You look and in the distance is a mutant zombie.And he`s pointing a Laser Cannon right at you!
Hit that Monkey Turd with a Missel!
Shoot him with a Banana from the Banana Cannon.
Throw a Table at him.
10. He dies.You get in the car and start driving around again.Then you come to a wall.A HUGE gate opens and you see a Civilization that survived the virus.They offer for you to join.Do you-
Shoosh ya!I hate living alone!
No thanks.I live to travel with my sister and pup.

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Created on:5/22/2010 10:12:59 PM
Made by:westborn12

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