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Will you survive a zombie apocolypse  quiz. Like all the other zombie quizzes  except mine will most likely fit your understanding Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Will you survive a zombie apocolypse?
Like all the other zombie quizzes, except mine will most likely fit your understanding

1. First thing that you always need to know-How do you kill a zombie?
Stab one
Take out their head
Their the undead, duh!
Get into a fist fight with one
2. When word spreads of the zombie pandemic, you do what?
Watch something else, you know its a lie
Grab a weapon (guns,knifes,baseball bats, etc.)
Barricade the house
Gather up friends and relatives, and head for the nearest safe area
shoot yourself-you know you`ll die
3. What is the best long ranged weapon?
A bolt action rifle (sniper)
A sub machine gun
A heavy machine gun
A rifle
Nothing, I cant use a gun
4. What is the best short ranged weapon?
Baseball bat (metal)
Airsoft/ Paintball gun
5. Have you ever used a gun?
No, but i`ve held one
Only a paintball, or airsoft gun
6. What would be the safest location?
Your own house-you knwo it well, so your safe
A hospital- Its big, and has medical supplies
The mall- Its one place you know, and it has all sorts of things
A grocery store-similar to the mall, but not as many exits
The woodland-Its covered with bushes and trees, and your away from all the zombies (most likely)
I dont stay in a location, I would keep roaming
7. Quick! Your loved one is bitten, what do you do?
Waste them
Get someone else to do it
Leave em
Shoot yourself, it`s too hard
Leave your only weapon with them and go
8. Your infected, what do you do?
Shoot yourself
Shoot your teammates so they can die too
Use the last of your ammo to kill the zombies that surround you
9. When your in a two story building, what do you do first?
Barricade the place
Destroy the stairs
Stock up on ALL food
Stock up on ALL weapons
Hide in the basement
Hide in a closet

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