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Will you survive a 29 year ice age?
The cold's come back with a vengence. Will you survive through it?

1. When your watching TV a special broadcast says there will be a second ice age because of a volcanic eruption. you.....
go out and buy all the things you`ll need to survive
start finding stuff you have so you don`t waste time on buying them
rob some other person`s house
find a group to travel with
get a heavy coat and boots and start trying to find an army base
2. When you`re finally done planning you finally wonder about your house, since you probably won`t see it again. you...
chop it down and use it for firewood
make things out of it
leave it
sell it to someone
burn it down
3. You find a group that knows what to do. you.....
leave them, they`ll slow you down
persuade some to go with you
join them
4. It turns out that animals have fastly adapted back to the original ice age animals.you.....
ststart finding guns or what ever can kill them
learn their habitats and try to avoid it
Ignore it
5. I can`t come up with anymore ideas.
why not
6. Will you rate/comment

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Created on:3/19/2009 11:37:49 PM
Made by:Shadowmario

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