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Will your relationship with a vampire go DOWNHILL  quiz. Most people prefer vamps so I thought I d make a vamp version Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Will your relationship with a vampire go DOWNHILL?
Most people prefer vamps so I thought I'd make a vamp version.

1. Your vampire (Let`s call him Max) is sitting alone at school so u....
Ask him if u can sit there and smile and giggle quietly, he hears and smiles back.
Sit by him and smile at him.
U only sit there cos ur friends dare u to go there.
say, "who`s that loser?" loud enough for him to hear.
think, "I wonder how much allowance he gets..."
2. He follows u home and says, "Thanks for sitting with me at lunch." and how do u reply?
Can we b friends? amd u blush so he knows you are not JUST friends
No problem Max c u at school tommorow.
uh yeah i have a test 2 study 4.
Get away loser!
&*%$ U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. U and max go on a date where do u go?
a romantic resteraunt! Ooh la la!
The cinema.
a museum.
A carpet store.
somewhere really crowded where u can lose him easily.
4. Max confessess his uncontrollable need for u and u....
Get embarassed and kiss him.
say, umm err ew!
Say, we rnt a thing, i came cos i felt sorry for u!
Tell him he needs to back off and leave u alone and he groans.
5. Max asks u what ur fave food is and u reply....
I love the taste of ur lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hmm i like ur necks fragrance maybe it tastes as good as it smells <u start kissing+neck action 2>
I luv the taste of hundred dollar bills and precious gems!(Me: Ok thats just greedy!)
6. Max proposes so what do you say?
EEEE!!!!! YES!!!!! Squeal so hard you faint.
Wow! Awesome! Count me in!
Lemme think about it.
Uh no.
Eww get away from me shoo shoo!
7. Max admits he is a vamp what is ur reaction?
Since u squealed so hard u r in the hospital bed when he tells u and ur like, cool awesome!
wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.
aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!! VAMPIRE ON AISLE 3! VAMPIRE ON AISLE 3!
i guess im not surprised. u were always a freak when i met u.
Grab a ninja sword and fight fight fight!
8. in ur wedding u decorate the wedding place as....
white+pink roses with white+pink ribbons.
all white with a touch of red roses!
all blue!
9. Max leans forward to kiss u cos he reached the u may now kiss the bride part so how do u react?
Speed it up and clutch him to u so u can kiss already!
wait and finally kiss him.
Turn ur head so he only kisses ur cheek.
kick him in his nuts for trying to kiss u but he`s a strong vamp so u break ur foot instead.
10. u and max go on ur honeymoon so where do u go?
Paris, france!
Let him choose.
skip the honeymoon ignoring his `uncontrollable urge`.
A cheap motel and refuse to sleep in the bed with him.
At an old people home.
11. When u move into ur house and spot a stupid girl wiggling her ass at max and he is almost hypnotised, so u.....
Drag him off for some fireworks.
Wiggle ur bum at him too so may the most attractive bum win max.
Tell Max to help u in the kitchen.
Tell him he doesn`t know how many of them had gone in the bum-wigglers u know what.
You make out with a garden gnome so he follows the bum-wiggler. (Oh no!!!)
12. Do u want to have a kid with Max?
HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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