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Will your relationship with a werewolf go DOWNHILL?
See if your relationship with your werewolf boyfriend will last!

1. Your werewolf, (Let`s call him Tom) has to leave and says `bye!` and walks through the door so you.....
Cry cry and cry again....
Shrug and play a game of cards
I don`t know!!!
Shout,, "The coast is clear!" and let your other boyfriend in.
You were making out with another boy right in front of Tom!!!
2. Tom is reading a book on the sofa so you....
Wink and smile
Kiss him <SMOOCH!!!>
Ignore him
Make a face at him
Throw something that he is allergic to at him
3. He proposes to you so you......
"OF COURSE!!!!" and kiss him!
"Yes I`d love to marry you Tom".
"Um...Let me think about it."
"No way jerk!!! I`m just using you to be popular!"
"Only if you give me all your money and buy me everything I want and let me cheat on you."
4. He tells you he is a werewolf so you go....
"Cool I guess."
"Um, I`m kind of scared."
"Well that means that you need doggy shampoo, dog food, a litter box, a carrier, and a dog bowl!"
"Get away you beast!"
5. He says `let`s make out`, so how do you answer?
I`m gonna be sick!!!!!!
You go ok and laugh evilly so u make out and barf in his mouth!
6. In the wedding u walk down the aisle and when the guy reaches the `I do` part you go....
I do!!!! And cry of happiness when he goes i do too!
`I do` and u smile.
you say i do unconvincingly.
You say no i dont.
You tackle everyone in your way and run towards the emergency exit bashing people with your flowers!
7. U move into your new house so what do you do?
Help and mask your exhaustion til he sees through it.
Ask for help.
Hide from the fate of work!
Flirt with your hot new neighbour(Who happens to be single!)
Walk outside in your french underwear by `accident` and go into your hot neighbours house!
8. Tom sees a pretty angel girl next door and she beckons him to go to her with her finger so you....
Kiss him, and make it seem like, `Hands off girl, he`s mine! Touch him ur funeral!`
Say, Honey? Could we have a kid? and wink at him.
Cry like a big baby!!!
Shout out, ok he`s urs but i get your husband!!!
Tom has second thoughts, turns round and sees you making out with another guy!
9. Tom seems sick so you....
Nurse him and spend every spare moment with him!
Buy him medicine and try to make him feel better!
Ask him what to do.
Leave the house and never come back while the hot neighbour laughs evilly.
Put him out of his misery. (He is sort of a wolf after all)
10. Tom turns into a werewolf because his temper went kaboom so you...
walk up to him and calm him down by petting his fur and resting your head on him.
You shake a little but talk to him calmly trying to get him calm.
Swear at him
Fight back with a kitchen knife!!! Hi-yahh!
11. Tom let`s out a killer fart so u...
Giggle quietly while he joins in.
Pretend to fan it away while smiling.
Pretend to pass out.
Let out an enormous belch 4 payback(EW)
Attack him.(Rnt u smart)

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