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What will your perfect boyfriend be like?
(girls/gays/bis only) See what lad what suit you the most. (e)

1. Would he take you on a date?
yes, to a concert and he would give me some roses
yeah for a lovely dinner and movies
to a chess championship....or a spelling bee maybe
to a football/baseball/rugby/cricket match
he wouldnt take me anywhere
2. What did he buy you for you birthday?
um...well nothing, he said he forgot
A checkers board...but it was sweet
a locklet saying i love you
black roses, makeup and a poem he wrote..how romantic
3. Does he wear glasses?
Are you insane!! jocks cant wear glasses!!
Yes, huge, thick, black square ones
yeah thick ramed ones with a pattern
He smashes other peoples glasses
4. Does he treasure you?
kinda...i caught him cheating but said he would never do it again
Yes, with kisses, hugs, poems and songs...he loves me to bits
Yeah he tries his best to be cool...i love his smart brains
Yeah, we are both popular, we love each other

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