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Will my EHR do this     quiz. A game where I get to make the questions on EHR systems     lies or truths  you decide  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Will my EHR do this????
A game where I get to make the questions on EHR systems.... lies or truths, you decide.

1. Interoperability: What standard do EHRs happily use when communcating with other medical applications?
Health Level Seven (HL7)
Two tin cans with a wire as the line of communication.
2. According to Jessica Kent, what are the ways providers and vendors can improve EHR usability?
Mindfully designing and optimizing EHRs
Testing EHRs to enhance health IT performance
Ensuring optimal implementation and EHR upgrades
Creating and promoting a culture of health IT safety
All of thee above!!
3. According to Aaron George, DO, "In the brief span of my medical school and residency training I was exposed to ____ different electronic health records (EHRs), as well as paper charting.
4. What tends to burn out providers with EHRs according to WonderDoc, LLC?
None of thee below
Lack of drugs sales reps.
High Latency Responses, because who likes to wait?
Poor workflow
Poorly intergrated PMs, patients not crossing over tends to hold things up.
Too Many errors
Options 3 to Option 6
5. Christopher Maiona, MD, stated, “It is sad but true that healthcare is the only industry which, in the course of computerizing its operations, has made its most valuable, highly compensated workers—physicians—less productive by ____________.”
increasing their administrative burden
increasing cost for epoxy flooring.
hiring more janitors.
watching to much Game of Thrones.

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