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How will you Kill Barbie  quiz. For all Barbie haters    Welcome  Note this is in purpose of the doll Barbie  not any members Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How will you Kill Barbie?
For all Barbie haters....Welcome! Note this is in purpose of the doll Barbie, not any members.

1. How much do you hate Barbie?
Not much, but she`s annoying
A lot!
To the fullest!
Who doesn`t hate her?
2. What kind of death would you like to see her have?
A crazy, entertaining death!
A fun death to watch!
A slow painful death....
Any death is good for me.
A simple, but entertaining death!
A death that isn`t caused by me, but of herself!
3. What`s one thing that you would kill Barbie for?
If she embarrassed me in public.
If she was in my way....and she usually is!
If she crashed my party.
If she killed a loved one.
If she got on my nerves.
If she broke my heart.....
4. If Barbie was walking down the street as you were walking your dog, you would:
Order your dog to chase her!
Tackle her and start a fight...the cops aren`t looking.....
Spray some pepper spray on her!
Punch her in the face!
Strangle her, STRANGLE HER!
Acting fake and turning your back on her the next day.....that`ll embarrass her!
5. Barbie invites you to her birthday, you:
Go to the party but bring a gang to jump her when she answers the door.
Get that pepper spray out again and spray!
Give her a poisoness stuffed animal for a gift.
Hire a gunsman to murder her during the party. You better hope he aims for her and not her mom.
Ask her to take a walk with you an hour before the party, then, chop her head off using the dumpster
Have everyone ditch on her party. You love to see her cry.
6. If you made a website, it would be about:
Crazy Ideas, to kill Barbie
How Barbie Makes me Mad
Easy Ways to Destroy Your Enemy
One Way to EXTERMINATE Barbie
Everybody Hates Barbie
The Best Way, and the Most Enjoyable Way, to kill Barbie

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Created on:6/9/2008 6:51:08 PM
Made by:shayminluver

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