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Will karma get you in the end?
karma... yeah...

1. someone steps on your foot in a crouded hallway. you?
beat the crap out of them.
stare at them murderously but dont do anything.
say "its okay, it was an accident"
2. have you ever perpously hurt someone?
yes, they all deserve to hurt.
only a few times. i couldnt control it.
no!!! hurting people is bad!!!
3. some innocent is being attacked. you?
watch and laugh
do nothing.
help them out!!
4. if you wre a super, would you be a hero, or a bad guy?
bad guy. duhh.
nothing. my powers serve only me.
superhero!! i want to protect people!!
5. what color is most innocent?
6. would you ever steal something?

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Created on:8/21/2010 10:00:08 PM
Made by:TheChosen

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