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Will I Be A Good Parent
Answer Questions To see If you would make a good Parent. :)

1. DO you Want Kids?
Yesss!! I`ve been dreaming being a Mom/Dad
I Don`t Know. Maybe?
Kids are horrible
2. How many kids do you want/If any
I Don`t Know/None
3. If your child gets in trouble in school, what would you do
Give them a high five and say "I`m proud"
Kill Them
Whip them
Give them a Time Out
4. Ok so, your toddler pooped in pants at church. What will you do
Let him/her sit there and roit
Take him home and whip the sock off of him/her
Take him/her into the back and clean them up. "I carry extra clothes, I`m good"
5. Your teen girl says she got pregnant. What would you do
Be Glad "I`m a grandma/pa"
make her give the baby up for adoption
Sit Her down and have a talk. Make sure she is ok. She will be grounded
Find the baby daddy and kill him
6. Your teen boy says he got a girl pregnant. What would you do?
ground him for life
kill him
sit him down and have a talk, then ground him
Be glad " I`m a grandma/pa"
7. If your child hit you, what would you do
Slap the mess out of him/her
give him/her a time out
pick them by the ear and throw them across the room
take them to the doctor, because something must be wrong with them
do nothing
8. Was this quiz awesome or not
totally awesome
it was ok
it was awful
Can i just have my results

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Created on:4/1/2014 9:06:05 AM
Made by:AB_324

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