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Will You have a boyfriend?
Girls only please

1. You just got out of history class and you see the new guy in the hall, he says hi. You...
Try to keep from blushing and say hi back
walk away... but turn back and wave
make a face and RUN FOR IT
2. In the middle of recess, the new super-cute dude suddenly says he doesn`t feel good and goes in to see the nurse. You...
Whisper to yourself that you hope he feels better and say so to him later on
You tell your friends about it bat don`t say anything else, but you wonder what might have happened
Shrug it off
3. OH NO You just HORRIBLY EMBARRASED yourself in class in front of the new guy! You...
Tell him that he should forget about it
stay there and stare at the people stareing at u
4. What do you think you will get? (will not effect outcome)
Well... I think I will get a handsome sort of guy
I am not sure! Surprise me!
5. LAST QUESTION! Did you like this quiz? (again, not outcome effecting here)

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Times Taken:2,051
Created on:1/22/2016 9:09:22 PM
Made by:MeowMix37

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