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Will you get married? quiz. Will you get married or live alone with a cat? Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Will you get married?
Will you get married or live alone with a cat?

1. A cute guy or girl asks you on a date. What do you say?
No thanks! I uhh umm already have a wife or husband
Mabye later
Yes yes yes!
umm tomorrow would be better
2. Your friend asks you to come shopping with her. What do you do?
Say of course! And also pick something out at the mall.
Ummmm no please!
Sure but can we go tomorrow?
3. You were asked to buy a cake for your friends wedding. What kind of cake do you buy?
A small cake with a strawberry on top
A giant beautiful cake with a husband and wife on top
don`t buy her a cake at all and say you forgot
Buy a regular cake
4. You go to the wedding and it`s time to dance. BUT you have to pick who to dance with!
Pick a nerd who is picking his or her nose.
A pretty cute guy or girl
The handsome guy or beautiful girl who makes you laugh!
5. The next day, a different friend asks you to come to their party.What do you do at the party?
Eat food
Dance once
Play spin the bottle
Dance alot
6. If someone at the party asks to kiss you for a minute and 30 seconds. What do you do?
Get ready to pucker up!
Kiss him or her for longer.
Kiss his or her cheek.
7. Would you date me? (I`m a girl)
No I`m a girl!
In the future.
Yeah baby!

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Created on:4/3/2007 10:51:55 AM
Made by:Mia7

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