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will you get a pretty girlfriend
Only Boys pls

1. You see the new girl walking in the school hallway, her hands fullla books. Then, she loses her grip and drops them all! you..
Run over and help her pick up her books, then wink at her.
Pick up a few and just stack them, then run to class. you don`t want to be late!
Walk away to class(Me:Why.. dang u rude.)
2. OH NO You just HORRIBLY EMBARRASED yourself in class in front of the new gurl! You...
Run away! You are to beatiful to be embarrased!
Tell her to look away while you clean up or watever
tell her sorry she had to see that
3. Well, i am out of time so last won will not effect result did u like dis quiz

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Created on:1/30/2016 11:34:58 AM
Made by:MeowMix37

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