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will you end up married   girls only   PLEASE  quiz. are YOU going to end up a good wife  a sucky wife  or not get married at all Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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will you end up married? (girls only...PLEASE)
are YOU going to end up a good wife, a sucky wife, or not get married at all?

1. so one day you`re sick and need to stay in bed. for lunch, your boyfriend brings you a hot bowl of soup. your reaction?
take it then throw it back in his face, you can`t stand to see him nice.
tell him "thank you. now can you leave so i can eat in peace?"
tell him "thanks. you`re very generous."
say to him while smiling, "you smell like a triangle."
2. you`ve been planning girls` night out for a week. then suddenly, your boyfriend calls from work (or wherever he`s at) and asks you to dinner. what do you say?
say "no thanks" and hang up.
scream through the phone, "NO, YOU PERVERT!! I`M VERY VERY BUSY TONIGHT!!!" then hang up.
tell him politley that you have other plans, then ask for the next free night.
cancel your girl plans and go with him.
say while smiling, "you smell like a circle"
3. so it`s your birthday, and your boyfriend says he has this really great gift for you. but the box reveals the most revolting sweater you`ve ever seen. your reaction?
scream, "I HATE IT!! HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME SUCH A DISCRACEFUL THING?" then throw it across the room.
say "thank you, i love it." then only wear it around the house.
smile and say thanks.
say to him while smiling, "you smell like a square."
4. your car breaks down on the highway. the first person you call is:
my boyfriend, duh.
my grandpa
a tow-truck driver, WHO ELSE?
dial a random number and say while smiling, "i think you smell like a rectangle."
5. your boyfriend takes you a ski resort. he falls and breaks his wrist. what do you do?
PANIC, what else?
think a little... "well, he seems to be dying, why not finish him off?"
call ski patrol and then 911.
sit next to him until someone notices that he`s hurt.
bend down and say, "i think you smell like a triangle."
6. you buy a hot new design bag. later on, you find out that your boyfriend bought the same bag and was going to give it to you for christmas. how do you act when you open it?
surprised, i don`t want to hurt his feelings.
say, "oh. yeah. you got me this."
smile and say thanks.
throw it back in his face.
say while smiling, "you know what? you smell like a square."
7. (last question) you finally get your dream job. you finally have enough money to get married to your boyfriend. do you? (he`s asked you to marry him already, but you haven`t answered yet.)
have him over and break down into hysterical tears, saying "yes...yes...yes..."
say yes.
have him over and tell him, "i`ve been waiting a long time to tell you this... but you smell funny.
8. (I LIED) you have triplets!!! they`re all girls!!!! you and your HUSBAND haven`t decided on names yet. your thoughts? (won`t effect outcome)
may, april, winter, summer (season names)
jen, maggie, taylor, courtenay (usual names)
renesmay, kiarra, raven (unique names)
`smelly` or `circle` or `square` (me: you must have a THING for shapes. that and smells).

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