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How will you die?
This quiz will determine how you will DIE

1. How do you look at life?
In a good, positive light. Theres good in everyone. Even physcopath murderers.
I just, y`know, kinda flow through life.
Everyone hates me
I`m a negative, angry person.
2. Are you happy?
Yep! Happy, happy, happy! :D
Yeah, I guess.
No. I hate everyone and everyone hates me.
3. You spend your time...
Living life the full, having fun.
Helping the homeless or taking in stray cats.
The usual, school, mates, sleep, school, mates, sleep.
Alone. In my room. Under the covers. Crying.
4. What colour are most of your clothes?
Black. Black and...oh, wait, still black.
Dunno, y`know, mixed i guess...a LBD there, a pink top here, grey tracksuit over there...
5. Have you ever thought about the future?
6. If you have or haven`t think about it now. Think hard. What do you see?
A black, grey cloud full of loneliness and grief.
A bright, happy future. I`m not sure where i`ll be going, but it`ll be great.
I have a normal, happy life all planned out already.

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Times Taken:3,835
Created on:2/19/2011 3:02:11 PM
Made by:mizedcullen1

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