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Will your Crush Ever Date you?
Will he or not? (e)

1. Do you ever see him\her look at you?
Somtimes =)
No not realy
2. Do you think that he\she has feeling for you deep down?
Yes, i no he\she dous!
no, not really
3. Do you think your crushes friends are rude?
Yes very!
Nope, there nicish to me
4. When was his\her last boyfriend\girlfriend?
Last year
last week
5. Is he\she nice to you?
Somtimes, all depends on the day
no not realy
6. Do you see your self with him\her?
Yes of course!
not realy...

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Created on:1/31/2008 8:22:32 PM
Made by:xXsasukeXx1

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