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Will you be eaten alive?
are you to live or to die? (e)

1. you are in your kitchen when attacked. In a hurry, you grab a ...
kitchen knife
rolling pin
the toaster (it is still hot!)
a glass bottle- closest to hand
2. you are on a date, your girlfriend/boyfriend begins looking at you funny. You immediatly. . .
laugh... they must be joking
attack them
move away
give them the look back
3. a member of your family is becoming more zombie like by the minute following a bite. You ...
shoot them in the head- you can`t be too careful!
tie them up for your own safety
nurse them
4. ther have been a number of vicious attacks reported down your road.
you decide its best to stay with your parents
forget it, its all hear/say
stay in a motel for a couple of weeks
5. you are faced with three zombies
you attack the child one before escaping behind them
panic and get bitten
scream and try to hit them all
go for the biggest first
just make a run for it
6. you have been biten, you...
immidiatly lop off the limb to stop it spreading
jump off a cliff
fight with you have left
shoot yourself- you don`t wanna become one of them do you?
7. on hearing the word ZOMBIE, you...
leave the country!
become afraid
think of your favourite movie
8. if you survived it all and made a film out of it, what would you be more likely to call it!
`zombies in my house`
`killing your neghbours`
`live or die?`
`shoot `n kill`
`survival in zombie town`

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Created on:8/26/2007 6:46:49 PM
Made by:xcutegal-38x

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