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will you be a millionair?
find out if you will become a millionair...

1. do you like the smell of money?
yes it smells really good!
well its okay
ewww why would i smell paper?
2. have you ever stolen money?
ummm yeah one time...
no way! god is watching
3. do you love to spend money?
yes my wardrobe needs some clothes in it!!!!!!
i spend money when my dog chews up my underwear
no i live in a box on the street
4. do you live in a really big house?
yep sometimes i get lost in it!
no its pretty much normal
once again i live in a box
5. do you have a room in your house that is filled with gold?
yes i look at it every day
who would have that?
if you call mud gold then sure

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Created on:2/18/2009 8:36:41 PM
Made by:Rocket734

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