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The girly story  u  the big boy  ur bf  amp  others quiz. Go fantasize girls  You will have the main role of this story  See what girl do u create Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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The girly story: u, the big boy, ur bf & others
Go fantasize girls! You will have the main role of this story! See what girl do u create!

1. U re walking in the street. A big boy fallows u & start bullying. U:
wanna be serious but suddenly laugh
enter a boutique & stay there so that he have to go
2. we suppose u enter a boutique hoping that the big boy stops bullying & goes away. U wanna buy a nice top but u should save ur money for another thing. U:
buy the top. U convince ur parents to give u the money again.
U don`t buy it
U buy it and then remember u should have saved it
3. Now u re leaving there but ....the boy is staying out the door waitng u!U wait long time but he doesn`t go & make silly faces to u.You:
don`t exit
ignore them & exit
tell the boy that ur bf is arriving & he has better get out
U laugh at his face
4. and suddenly ur bf arrives! Wow! How do u react?
run to them & stick his arm
laugh & tell the big boy: wooohooo! Didn`t I tell u bullsh*t?
think that the big boy is hot..wish u could date both of them!
great surprise!but does n`t have a lot to do with big boy cause u punish him urself
5. Ur bf learns the story. He tells u:
are u very affraid darling?
he he! u always attract bullying!
u fighted a guy? again?
how did u scare him?
6. U join ur bf & go to a video game store.He buys some video games & gives u one of them. it s:
mortal combat
the sims 3
god of war
he thinks girls aren`t great in games so why buy it to u?
7. In the store,a tanned girl with funky stuff approach ur bf & tells him that last night she had a good time with him! U :
are more heartbroken to react
shout: u are a worthless jerk! and leave
listen to them, controlling ur anger, to learn what s up
U act clumsy and then think ur not hot so he`s normally attracted to a hot girl
8. U leave ur bf & sit in a park to forget ur anger.U meet an old friend. She asks what do u do?U answer:
play chess,surf internet,...
u spend lots of time in front of mirror.U plan to have also bra implantation.
play music, paint, read....
regulary exercise
9. a handsome guy approaches,smiles & asks u an adress. U tell him & he goes. U :
feel u are fallen 4 him
think how handsome he was!
are so angry with ur bf that don`t care about him
think he wants befriend u
10. Finally u come back home. U`r sad & mam asks what`s over? U tell her:
u should find another bf
nothing! and go forward to ur room
crying that ur bf has cheated on u
u have no chance with boys & should do something to help u

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