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Why are you sad?
Find out the reason why you're sad...

1. You remember the last time you were truly happy?
This morning, I don`t have a reason not to wake up happy!
I remember I laughed yesterday watching a movie with my parents...
Last week, maybe... in class or something...
I can`t remember when I last smiled!
I... I forgot how to...
2. How well do you sleep?
I don`t...
I cry myself to sleep and then I feel alright and sleep well!
I have trouble falling asleep but most of the time I sleep fine
I`m always really tired so I fall asleep pretty easily!
I have no trouble sleeping!
3. How does your sadness feel?
I am scared! I am tired and I just want to sleep!
I feel like my whole world is exploding with me in it!
It feels hollow, but I`m getting used to it...
It feels like I`m missing something... someone
It feels like I`m the only one in the world!
I want to change something (back) but I know I can`t, it makes me feel helpless and sad!
I have forgotten what sadness feels like. I suppose I`ve gotten used to it. This pain...
I don`t like myself but I can`t change things so quickly...
4. What (do you think) can cheer you up?
Having all this work done!
I don`t know... death... maybe...
I wish someone would come back to me! I want someone to be my friend and love me!
I want someone to hold me tight and understand me... but no one can
Maybe a trip, or a new bag, or some new clothes!
I wish something about me was different than it`s now!
5. Choose one item YOU LIKE!
A nice pillow and blanket and SILENCE so I CAN SLEEP
A bonfire so I can burn all my books and homework!
A knife so I can cut... or kill...
A gift from someone I like!
I want to have a copy of myself, so I can finally talk to someone who understands!
You don`t understand what I want. No one does!
A mirror
6. Choose one item YOU HATE!
My boss/ teacher/ strict parents
Happy people!
Someone who`ll remind me of what happened between me and...
People who have "friends"!
A sad book/ movie!
I have forgotten what hatred feels like...
7. What caused your sadness (choose closest one)?
Nothing, I just became like this...
I`m sad because of SOMEONE or SOMETHING
I am sad because I`m alone...
One day the pain just appeared and since then it has become bigger and more painful!

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