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Why are you my friend  quiz. Did you do this as random  are my quizzes good  do you think I am awesome  Was it an accident  what is it  please comment  I am not being mean  I am just wondering Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Why are you my friend?
Did you do this as random, are my quizzes good, do you think I am awesome? Was it an accident? what is it? please comment? I am not being mean, I am just wondering

1. I know you are on my friends list.
No I am not (me: yes you are, or you wouldn`t be taking this quiz)
2. Did I add you, or did you add me?
I added you (me: why did you?)
You added me (me: I think you are awesome)
I don`t remember
3. If you added me to your friends list, tell me why please.
It`s a secret (me: why?)
you added me.

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Times Taken:2,586
Created on:7/17/2010 8:21:26 PM
Made by:freespirted1

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