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Why don`t you have a Boyfriend?
Are you sure? Find out, I offer advice or a good message!

1. What do you do with boys
Fight them and cuss them out
Cower from them
Ignore them and eat
Act like them
See if they want to watch My Little Ponies or play dolls with you
Ask `em out
2. What do you do in your spare time
do street fighting
Read How to books
Play sports with the boys
Play with dolls or little kids
Worry about make-up and looking cute and flirt with them
3. What is wrong with boys
They are weak
They are too brave and prank girls like me
They don`t love food the way you do
They don`t like me!
They are way to mature
4. What do you imagine your dream boyfriend as
An agressive man who is equal in fighting with me
An occuward nerdy shy guy
A Pizza lover
Like me exactly
Noticing my apperance
Playing dolls or watching Monster High with me

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Created on:7/9/2016 6:20:05 PM
Made by:peachrain

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