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Why are you doing this quiz?
Take this quiz to find out why you bothered! (e)

1. Your usual remark to a `would you go out with me` quiz.
Oh, yes! I can`t beleive you love me!
That is soo lame, dating on quiztron.
What do ya mean, I`m a cold fish! Huh? Answer me!
You`re lame. I`ll break your heart!
PM me, hottie!
Die stupid dating quiz!
2. You enjoy....... on quiztron. (answer question)
Breaking peoples hearts... hahahah!
Making friends!
Boring people to death!
Being mean to other peoples quizs!
While you`re PMing, you can do a quiz!
Hunting down people and plotting to kill them...mwahahah!
3. Blonde cheerleaders are...
stereotypically ditsy, but some have brains
Popular and are programmed to make others lives misreable.
Nice people
Horrible people
Bit of option 3 and 4 mixed up in a pot
dumb, and no help to the world.
Hey, lay off, I`m a blonde cheerleader! *storms off in outrage*
4. Your thoughts on this quiz so far...
I am sooo going to bury it.
Heheh! I am lying on every question! Lets see if that person is smart enough to figure it out!
Gosh, the creator does not have a stable mental life, does she?
Meh meh meh. Meh-land.
I am soooooo bored.
5. You would love to have...
World domination!
Word peace!
A pet puppy!
A better computer!
A swimming pool!
A massage chair!
Money, money, money! and MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Um, my allowance?
6. If you were locked in a century for the rest of your life, what century?
21st of course!
Another planet.
the 51st.
Why are you asking me this?
7. Why you personally did this quiz.
You were falling asleep with boredom. *yawn*
You actually wanted to know `why`!
Someone was holding you hostage and daring you to take this!
You are my friend and doing this only because i want one nice comment.
Just to prove i am wrong, and i do not know why you are doing this.

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Times Taken:1,593
Created on:10/4/2007 4:22:40 AM
Made by:vegebrain

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