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Why do people love you  quiz. Some people love you  some people hate you  That s just the way life goes  this quiz will tell you why people love you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Why do people love you?
Some people love you, some people hate you. That's just the way life goes, this quiz will tell you why people love you.

1. You have two bags of cotton candy which you really like & don`t want to share, your friend asks for some so you...
tell them you`re not sharing. You want the candy!!
You share it out evenly amougst your friends.
You give them all the cotton candy and go and buy some more for yourself.
2. Your friend wants you to come over on the weekend but you`re doing something better on the weekend. What do you tell your friend?
Tell them you`re busy.
Tell them you can come over for a while, but can`t stay to long.
Tell them you can come, cancel the other thing.
3. At a party what are you doing?
Having as much fun as you possibly can!
Go around and make sure everyone`s enjoying themselves, but still have fun.
Dancing with people who want to dance with you.
4. You`re having heaps of fun at the party, but you see a girl crying in the corner who needs a lift home, so you...
Keep having fun, someone else will help her out.
Go and see if she`s okay and offer to call her a cab.
You reasure her until she stops crying, buy her something to eat & then drive her home
5. You`re at a pizza party but only paid for half a pizza and you`re really hungry, so you...
Go ahead and eat, people will tell you if they don`t like it.
Eat four pieces and wait to see if there`s any leftovers.
Ask people if they don`t mind if you have an extra piece or two.

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Created on:11/15/2008 6:17:19 PM
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