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Who`s your perfect guy?
what kind of guy is right for you? (e)

1. what does your do you want him to look like?
short brunett hair and totally CUTE face
does it matter
long brunnet hair
short red hair
long red hair
short blond
long blond
2. Roll play!! You are walking down the hall at school/other and abulley comes up and starts bugging you, your guy........
steps in and tells him to back off
thinks how hot you look in your knew skirt
thinks about buying you something to fight off the bullies
tells you how to fight him off yourself
flipps his gorgeous hair and watches
3. your guy forgets its valentines day, to make it up to you he............
buys you flowers, takes you on a romantic date, and begs your forgivness
tells you it was a mistake and that you should forget about it
shines his beautiful eyes at you, and you forget the how to breath let alone valentines day
buys you whatever you want, he difidentaly has the money to
4. you walk into the library and you see your guy with another girl,when you comfront him he says..........
i am appaled that you would think that! don`t you know i love you and always will!
you are my earth and my sun. you are the air i breath how could i ever think of giving you up
tells you he was just talking to them and so who cares
flipps his hair and looks you in the eyes and once again you forget how to breath
buys you what ever you want (again)
5. you trip and are about to hit your head, your guy.........
catches and saves you before you hit your head
catches you and asks 1000 times if you ok
doesn`t catch you but makes sure your okay
i ran into the wall because i was starring at his gorgeous face
has his body guards save you
6. i`m sorry this quiz was short.( you say) what is your guys reaction!
its okay sweetheart. anything you do is perfect for me
oh i loved your speech ( claps nonstop) it was wonderful!!!!!!!
turns away and ocupys himself with something else.
lokks into your eyes and you are hypnotized by his fabulous face
buys you a gift to show how great you are

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Created on:3/3/2008 5:33:25 PM
Made by:alicemoore

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