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Who`s your ideal date in Tokyo Mew Mew?
nya (e)

1. Do you like a guy whos into sports?
i dont care for sports
can i bake there?
sports are useless
kind of
2. Would you avenge your parents death?
I dont have parent
i would do whatever i can
I would help other people avenge there parents death but not mine
yes i would kill anyone who gets in my way
I would like to but i would like to have someone tell me what to do first
ya sure
3. Do you like food?
I like it when people make food for me
I love to bake <3
i guess
cant live without it
i love human food XD
4. Would you protect the person you love?
I only live to protect
if it ment my life them y not?
i would do everything i can even if it ment terning on my leader
if it ment they will die....

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Created on:1/28/2008 6:02:13 PM
Made by:ichigonya12

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