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Who s your Creepy Pasta boyfriend  quiz. Jeff the Killer  BEN drowned  Ticci Toby  Eyeless Jack  Slenderman  Homicidal Liu Laughing Jack  Hoodie  or Masky  Are you obsessed with the Creepy Pasta boys and just want to know already who you re going to get together with  Here s the quiz for you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who`s your Creepy Pasta boyfriend?
Jeff the Killer, BEN drowned, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Slenderman, Homicidal Liu,Laughing Jack, Hoodie, or Masky? Are you obsessed with the Creepy Pasta boys and just want to know already who you're going to get together with? Here's the quiz for you!

1. Who you do think best suits your personality and traits
Ticci Toby
Jeff the Killer
Eyeless Jack
Tim a.k.a Masky
Homicidal Liu
Briana a.k.a Hoodie or Hoody
BEN Drowned
Laughing Jack
2. Scenario: On your first date, he takes you to...
He takes off his mask and wears a suit, takes you out on a walk in the woods with a dress on,
He takes you somewhere you haven`t heard of and fancies a small tea party.
Asks you what you wanted to do
Prepares a small dinner date under the starry night.
Scares the poo out of you by leaving you alone in the Slender woods
Forgot he asked you out
3. What type of guy are you into? (Looks)
Tall, handsome as a gentleman, looks serious all the time.
Ginger haired guys with freckles.
Always a smile on his face.
With emerald green eyes.
Brown haired, blue eyes dratboy.
With a killer smile.
4. What type of guy are you into? (Personality)
He likes to laugh out loud like there`s no tomorrow.
Very shy, quiet and a mysterious type.
Smart, cunning yet attractive.
A cheery type
Loves to read books and solve puzzles!
Who will love you no matter what.
Faithful as drat.
5. Scenario: You woke up with a body ache and migraine from all the training you have done lately... HE walks into the room and..
Brings you pastries, a medicine and a certain beverage you always fancied.
He walks inside the room, struggling to keep ahold of the laptop and food in his hands, smiling down
He was shirtless. And he mocked your look. He smirked and got out.
Approaches you and flops down on your bed, playing with your hair.
He asks, "Do you want me to brew or aid your pain, my love?"
6. Your favourite Pasta.
Jeff the Killer
BEN Drowned
Ticci Toby
Laughing Jack
Eyeless Jack
7. Your favourite colour.
Can`t decide!
None of the Above

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