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Who`s your Black Butler boyfriend? A story, kinda(girls only)
Who is your Black Butler (Kuropoosuji) best match?

1. Your man wakes you up bright and early one morning. What does he do?
He brings you a modest yet delicious breakfast in bed that he made.
He thinks it would be funny to put a skeleton in bed next to you to scare you silly.
He sends someone else to wake you up and tell you to come eat breakfast with him.
He gently shakes you awake and tells you that he picked out your favorite outfit to wear.
He puts a puppy on your bed and it licks your face until you get up!
2. After you wake up and eat something, your man tells you he is taking you somewhere special. Where do you two go?
Walking around a garden together. So many butterflies and birds!
You play a few rounds of chess in his study. It`s quite quiet and relaxing.
He takes you down to the market to find out what some of your favorite foods are.
He escorts you around London, showing you the sights and sometimes buying something pretty you saw.
Down to the cemetary, so he can tell you stories about the people who died.
3. Oh no! Whilst doing your romantic activity, you two were set upon by hired gunmen! What does your man do?
Calmly proceeds to take down every gunman and then make some dark joke about it.
Panics, picks up the heaviest thing he can find, and chucks it at the gunmen!
Calmly kills all of the gunmen and continues on, apologizing for the delay.
Rushes you to safety before looking for a weapon to use against the gunmen.
Calls for his butler to take care of them whilst dragging you to a safe hiding place
4. Afterwards, you thank him for protecting you. How does he respond?
A small smile, "But of course, young mistress __________!"
Looks away, mutters "Wasn`t nothin`." But you catch him smiling.
He blushes, "I-it was nothing, really!"
Big grin, snicker, "It was my pleasure!"
"For what? I hardly did anything at all."
5. Later, over dinner, your man slides a box across the table to you. You open it, and find your perfect gift! What is it?
A book of dark poetry; he knows you think it`s haunting and sad, yet beautiful
A ring, just like his but in your favorite color gemstone. He knows you liked his.
An invitation to an upcoming ball; he knows you like to dance, and would be honored to be your date.
A beautiful vase of flowers, in all colors of the rainbow; he knows how much you love nature.
A cookbook with all of your favorite recipes, including some you made up together.
6. Time for bed. How does your man say good night?
Helps you get ready for bed, then stays with you until you fall asleep. It makes you feel safe.
He wishes you good night, then awkwardly kisses your cheek before walking off without another word.
He gives you a big hug outside your bedroom door and wishes you sweet dreams.
"Pleasant nightmares!" Fades into the shadows creepily.
Kisses the top of your head, "G`night, princess"

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