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Who are you when it comes to discrimination   quiz. You could be the prevoker  mediator  creator or victim of discrimination  This quiz will tell you where you stand when it comes to discrimination Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who are you when it comes to discrimination??
You could be the prevoker, mediator, creator or victim of discrimination. This quiz will tell you where you stand when it comes to discrimination.

1. When two people are about to get into a fight, you....
Watch or laugh.
Don`t pay any attention, but afterwards you confrount the bully and ask them why they did it.
Take sides & jump in and and attack/abuse who ever you hate the most out of the two people fighting.
Don`t take notice, besides they`ll probably start bashing me instead.
2. If you called someone an offencive name it would be for what reason?
Self defence.
Only as a last resort, to try and tell them they should let people live thier lives.
Nobody likes them, it`s not like another names gonna hurt them.
3. How often do you get called names?
Occasionally, but I always try to sort it out with them peacefully.
Not very often. I don`t do much when it does happen though.
Yeah, pretty regulary. But that`s just life. I deal with it.
Yeah, sometimes. But no need to worry I could beat them any day!
4. What`s your additude to discrimination?
I know it`s wrong, but still pretty amusing!!
With time an effort, I believe it can be solved in a perfectly humane manner.
Most people who are discriminated deserve it.
It`s stupid. I just want to live my life without everyone elses input.
5. If you see two people insulting each other you would...
Say "Shut up!" What`s the point of all this chaos anyway?
Join in, "Yeah, you`re a dog *insert name here*!"
Try to calm them down and then ask them why they were fighting & find a resolution.
Encourage it. "FIGHT!! FIGHT!! FIGHT!!" Haha! How amusing is this

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