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who wants to be my friend
i just want to no

1. ok whats ur fav color
red orange pink
yellow green blue
white black gray
2. want to be friends with me
yes silly
ew no i hate u
3. what happens if u see a cute guy/girl
walk over to her and ask her/him out
give him/her ur number
be shy and blush
none cuz love sucks
4. if ur emo would u cut ur self with sissors on the tonge
ow no thats to painful
ya i love to taste my owne blood
ewwww ashley ur sick
5. what would u do if zombies broke in ur house
grab any wepon and start fighting
just stand there im dead any ways
6. rate and comment

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Times Taken:3,290
Created on:5/25/2010 5:31:23 PM
Made by:ashleylong

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