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Who are you?
A quiz about your personality.

1. Which of the following would you do first... after school / work?
Watch your TV show
Do your homework
Play football
Help your friend finish his work
2. What is your favorite hobby?
Playing video games
biking / hiking
3. What are your favorite foods?
hamburger (meats)
corn (vegetables)
apple (fruits)
milk (dairy)
4. When you watch TV, what is your favorite show?
scooby - doo
how it`s made
home improvement
5. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?
Dog; Loyalty
Rat; Wisdom
Dolphin; Trust
Tiger; Pride
6. What is your favorite genre (book type)?
Sci - Fi
7. Finish this sentence: I love life because __________________________.
I can be as strong as Hulk.
I can sing for the world.
I can solve worldly problems by being intelligent.
I can help people who need it.
8. What is your favorite season? Why?
Summer: It is about laughter and warmth
Fall: It is full of color and cool weather
Spring: It is about comfort and the rebirth of plants
Winter: It is full of beauty and a fresh color
9. What is your favorite saying?
"You are what you eat"
"Knowledge is power"
"You have to climb the harsh mountain to view the beautiful plain"
"Respect: You have to give it to get it"
10. Do you like my quiz?
It was awesome!
It was okay.
I didn`t like it much.
It was a waste of time!

About This Quiz
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Created on:11/13/2012 5:15:14 PM
Made by:angel997

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