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Who is your yugioh boyfriend? (Girls only, please!)
Yeah, it's another one...so let's just see, okay!?

1. Your first date with this guy would be...where?
It would be on a walk in the moonlight, by the ocean...*sigh* so beautiful.
Well, he`s choosing, so...
Just a quiet time at his place, where we can be alone.
At his place, or mine.
Probably a park at night, where we can look up at the stars...
It doesn`t matter as long as its private. He doesn`t like it around other people...
2. What is your favourite way for him to show how he feels?
When he hugs me tightly and tells me he`ll always be there for me, then pecks my cheek gently...
When he grabs me and brings me in close and gives me a nice, long kiss.
When he holds my hands in his own and I see him blushing...
When he tells me all the good things about me...
When he makes a fool of himself and blushes profusely while trying to tell me that I`m his love...
When he runs his fingers through my hair, whispering to me...
3. What does he tell you most often?
That we were meant for each other and how much he loves me.
That he will never let me go!
That I`m the sweetest person he`s ever met.
That he`ll be there to help me no matter what.
That he`ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER leave me!
That I am the most formidable lady he`d ever met.
4. What would he do if you came to him, crying?
Gently hold me in his arms and soothe me, asking me what`s wrong and saying it`ll be okay...
Ask me who did what and then promise to avenge me!
Hug me and tell me it`s okay. He`ll be concerned.
Be worried and ask what happened to me.
Automatically go into a rage and start shouting that he`ll stop whoever wronged me!
Ask me what happened and try to solve it mathematically. He`s not too good at the cheering up thing.
5. Pick an object.
A beautiful white dove.
A candle.
A heart.
A flower.
A diamond ring.
A cute plush.
6. When you`re being teased, he...?
Becomes sad for me, but is too scared to help. When the bullies leave, he consoles me.
Automatically starts smashing his fist into the person being mean to you.
Stands in front of you and defends you sweetly.
Pulls the bully away and challenges them.
Tries to get the bullies away but embarasses himself.
Gets mad at the bullies and cold-shoulders them.
7. What animal does he associate with?
A small bird, maybe a dove or a finch.
A crow.
A hedgehog or porcupine.
A wolf.
A dog.
A bear, or a cat.
8. And what mythical beast does he associate with?
An angel.
A demon of some kind.
A fairy!
A gryphon.
A centaur!
A dragon.
9. What is his worst trait?
He`s too dependant on others.
He can be way too cruel.
He trusts people to a fault.
He`s too self-contained.
He`s really embarassing.
Too cold to people...
10. And his best feature?
His smile.
His body.
His blush. (It counts!)
His hair.
His clothes.
His eyes.

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