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Who is your perfect mother?
Take this quiz and find out who your perfect parent is!!!

1. Do you like your mum at the moment?
She`s okay.
Nah. She hates me. The feeling is mutual.
She loves me, I hate her.
I love my mummy :D
2. Would you do anything to help the person you loved if she/he was in need of your help?
I would die for them.
Sure, but only depending on what.
I guess.
3. Your ideal personality is ....?
Evil with a wicked mind of made up of evil schemes, with just a hint of optism.
Boring, dull.
Your general popular person thats friendly, out-going and mates with everyone.
A quiet loner. Y`know, the person sat in the corner of the room. Alone. Yes. That`s the one.
Quiet, shy, sweet, loyal.
Loud, Bossy,
Funny, witty, happy.
The sweetest person ever! You`re nice, quiet but everyone likes you :)
4. If you were a fruit, you`d be...
Orange. (Bright, postive and friendly.)
Apple(Awkward, sweet but strangely shy)
Pear(Your weird. The odd one out. You have one or two friends)
Banana(Nice, quiet, shy, loyal)
Pineapple. (EE---VALLL. Evil, selfish and spiteful)
5. Do you like rice?
Uh, no.
6. How many mates do you have?
I`m mates with everyone.
Friendly with everyone, only two or three mainly close mates.
Just a small group of friends.
A large group of friend.
One best friend, a few other friends.
One friend, hate everyone else.
I hate everyone.
7. Do you like people?
A big fat NAY.
Depends who it is. I like some people, others get on my boobs.
yyESSHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LURRRVVEEE PEOPLE!!

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Created on:4/30/2011 1:37:38 PM
Made by:mizedcullen1

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