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Who is your Naruto boyfriend?
Which Naruto boy is your boyfriend?

1. Which book would you most likely read/ have you read?
Sophie`s World
Sense and Sensibility
Peter Pan
The Incredible Journey
Edgar Alan Poe
2. What flower would you prefer to pick?
Lilacs: Sweet and beautiful; reflects the beauty of the world
Roses: plentiful and lovely; a representation of love
Sunflowers; reaching for the sun with smiling faces; tall and wonderous
Orchid: unique and rare; hard to understand, but oddly beautiful
Poppies: open to the morning light, but closed to cold and dark; short lived like a sunrise
Honeysuckle: easily appreciated and simple; just there and always wonderful
3. How would you start a letter?
Mr. So-and-so:
Dear So-and-so,
Hey there!
Hello, So-and-so,
Dear Mr. So-and-so,
4. How would you act at a dinner with people you did not know well?
Eat silently and say nothing, even when addressed.
Say nothing, unless addressed, then simply grunt or shake your head.
Start up friendly and rather intimate conversations with each individual.
Chatter with the person next to you as if you were best friends.
Tell all your stories and opinions loudly to the whole table, having a group conversation.
Have a conversation with the intellect of the table so you do not become bored.
Try your best at a friendly conversation.
5. How would you treat a child you were baby-sitting?
Watch TV while they do whatever.
Give them your undivided attention and love.
Play as many games as possible.
Try and put them to bed.
Do whatever they want, to a limit.
Do a little reading and chatting.
Try to find out about who they are, genuinely interested in them.
6. What do you want to do?
Whatever you want to do.
I don`t care.
Nothing in particular.
Well . . . let`s see . . .
Oh, I know what I want to do!
Um . . . I don`t know.
7. You would catch a butterfly to:
See if you can do it.
Simply hold it.
Experience the beauty of it all.
Feel what it`s like to hold freedom in my hands
View freedom up-close.
Examine it closer.
To let it go.
8. In school, you excel in:
Foreign Language
Study Hall
9. What patch would you sew onto something that needed one?
Something pretaining to what I believe in.
Something that matches the fabric.
Something involving an anti-movement that I`m not a strong part of.
Something that stands for me and who I am.
Something like a heart or smiley face.
Something tough that won`t rip again.
I would just buy a new whatever it is instead of patching it.
10. You would hold hands with someone because:
They won`t leave you alone about it.
Your hand is cold.
You`re trying to make your point with them in love.
You really like them a lot.
It feels right.
You wouldn`t hold their hand.
They keep purposely bumping their hand into yours and it`s getting on your nerves.

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