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Who Is Your Ideal Soulmate?

1. When you go out, you wear:
Skinny jeans and usually something black.
Something ridiculously out there.
Gym clothes becase you`re always working out.
Something crazy that will make people smile or sometimes be appauled.
I shirt that says "I love my mom"
You`re always wearing sunglasses.
Something dark but you still wear the bracelet your bf/gf got you.
2. Which do you prefer to listen to?
Probably something like Maroon 5 or even something cute like Hilary Duff
My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars
Crazy Techo Music
Webee Boyz
Something very obscure that basically no one else has heard of.
Up beat music that`s good for working out.
Happy music mostly but you always get into stuff your friends recomend.
Something with a rough edge but the lyrics are very sweet.
3. What best describes your life?
A little bit of rule breaking and goofing around.
Taking care of the people you love.
Often a mixture of lies and alternate lives.
Inner turmoil and confusion. Sometimes you`re unhappy but then you realize you love alot of things.
Sports and more sports and it`s sometimes stressful.
Fake people that don`t care, love that always ends, pain and suffering and more dark than light.
You do alot of plays and when you`re not you`re still putting on little shows for people.
Hanging out with all of your friends. You consider yourself popular if that sorda thing even exists.
What life?
4. If you were in a relationship right now would you want that person to be alot like you or the opposite?
Completely alike.
The complete opposite.
Someone close enough that we have common interest.
5. What is your weekend like?
Being with all like all your friends at the mall or something like that.
You`re usually going to play practice or atleast auditions.
You`re most likely going to sports practice and if not you`re excercising.
You`re just chillin and having fun, maybe partying alittle bit.
Maybe go out and drink to forget or see if any good bands are playing, prolly won`t want to though.
You might hang out with someone if you feel like it.
Most likely have a party in a parking lot or something sketchy like that.
You`re best friend invited you to dinner so you will definetly be there.
6. What is love to you?
That thing that happens when you`re all like happy.
When someone shares your interests and sports teams.
Love is whatever it may be... who really knows for sure.
When you find someone that you will do anything and everything for.
Someone that takes your twisted thoughts and makes them beautiful.
Someone that isn`t embarassed by your stupid pranks and will do them with you.
A rose; the flower is beautiful but when you reach for it the thorns cut you and make you bleed.
The person that drops everything to come to your play and sit in the front row with flowers.

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