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Who Is Your Harry Potter Boyfriend?
Harry Potter quiz (images will be added later guys, thanks:])

1. What do you look for in a guy?
Brave and confident.
Goofy and funny.
Sexy and mysterious.
Sweet and smart.
Humorous and intelligent.
Kind and hot.
2. Where would your ideal date be?
In a park, where we could just talk and learn about each other and get closer :)
We would make dinner together and laugh and have fun!
He would take me to a cool museum.
the bed ;) <3
We would stay home and watch a funny movie together and cuddle <3
He would take me to a nice place for dinner :)
3. What House are you in?
Gryffindor or maybe Ravenclaw...
Probably Gryffindor.
Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, anything but Slytherin!!
Gryffindor. No doubt about it.
Hufflepuff or mayyybe Gryffindor.
Slytherin all the way!
4. Favourite colour?
Green or blue..
Pink :)
orange, yellow, bright colours!!
Purple or white.
5. Who do you HATE?
No one! :)
Strict teachers.
Harry potter.
6. Who do you LOVE?
My best friends:)
My family:)
Hot people. lmao
My pet:)
A celebrity
My bf <3
7. How would your guy act around you?
Reassuring that everything will be okay<3
He would just make me wanna hug him!! lol
He would be a little seductive ;)
He would be gentle and sweet<3
He would make me laugh X)
He would make me feel like the only girl In the world.

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