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Who is your guardian (girls only!) Part 1
Find out whether you would go out with the angel, the demon, or the fallen one.

1. first off, which do you like most: cat or dog?
I hate them both
2. Alright, next is the DREADED QUESTION OF DEATH! MUHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT..... is your favorite color?
3. Now we start for real. But how should this sweet dream play out?
I think it should have a happy ending. For everyone involved.
It should involve a mass murder in which I kill the murderer in revenge!
I don`t really care too much...
4. Alright, I`m ready now. Are you ready?
yes. I`m fully prepared.
5. First, we`ll introduce someone: Jake. He`s your best friend.
i hate him already
i have no feelings for this boy whatsoever, as i have never even met him before
6. So, you`re sitting at your lunch table, alone, when you notice that he`s sitting a little ways off from you with a new kid
i should go introduce myself to him
it doesnt matter too much. I can talk to him later if i need to
i don`t care. I hate Jake anyways. Why should i care about his friends?
7. After school, you`re walking home when you see the new boy staring at you. after holding his stare for a few seconds, he calmly gets up and walks away.
i wonder what he want with me...?
a little creepy, don`t you think?
Maybe he wants to fight!
8. You are walking home when you see the new boy again. He smiles gently, though you notice that his eyes are cold, cruel, yet somehow numb, as though he didn`t recognize life as life or death as death anymore.
What`s wrong with him
Maybe I should kill him. You know, put him out of his misery
heh..... he must have endured quite the large amount of suffering. His eyes match mine
9. "Greetings," he says in a voice that chills you to the bone, yet leaves your heart wanting more. "My name is Zero. You`re Jake`s friend, right?"
I don`t like this guy. I don`t feel like I can trust him
you calmly answer, wondering if he`ll say more
10. "Zero!" you turn around to see Jake, his eyes gleaming with anger though his face is calm. "Don`t use that petty tone with her. That`s why I didn`t want you speaking to her." Jake`s eyes grow even more intense. "She belongs to me."
I belong to no one
11. The boys begin to argue. Not wanting to interupt, you walk a little ways away, hoping to be able to walk the rest of the way home in peace and quiet. However, before you can go any further, someone grips your shoulder
12. You turn and see another boy, not Zero or Jake. He smiles and speaks in a tone that make you immediatly mistrust him "Well now, what`s a pretty girl like you doing here, getting ready to loose yourself to the Devil`s claws?"
who the heck IS this guy, and what does he want with me?
....... maybe I should go back to where the others are
...... Who are you?

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Created on:10/24/2010 9:48:28 PM
Made by:shizuka

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