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Who is your Akatsuki lover?
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1. What type of color do you like?
2. What kind of weather do you like?
3. On a picnic with your friends, everyone was to bring their favorite dish to share. What did you bring?
Salad - any type of salad
Meat - steak, meatballs, etc...
Sweets - desserts
Noodles - any type of noodles
Sandwiches - any type of sandwiches
Drinks - hot or cold, any kind
4. On a group date, you have to pick an item of someone`s to pair up with them. Which item do you choose?
A small sculpture
Miniature Fan
5. You go on your first date with that person. Where would you two go?
Amusement Park
Firework Show
Restaurant in a tall building - overlooking the city
Art Museum
6. You decide to give a sweet-tooth present to your date; so you go into the chocolate shop. What do you buy?
The shops biggest basket of chocolate - already decorated and has every piece of chocolate the shop
Only the chocolate - you can make the wrapper and case yourself.
Buy the decorative wrappers - you can make the chocolate yourself
The prettiest chocolate case and the most delicious looking chocolate
A ribbon - for the finishing touch; you are able to make the decorative wrapper and chocolate
Decorative cellophane - you`re going to make hard candy for them
Chocolate wine - together you two can share
7. He opens the sweet-tooth gift and seems to like it. You pick a chocolate out to feed him. Which chocolate do you choose?
Rum Chocolate
Biscuit Chocolate
Crunchy Chocolate
Hard Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate
You let him choose
8. You go on a trip with him. Packing your things in a hurry you seem to have packed too much. You can only leave behind one item, what would it be?
Traveler`s Guide
Change of Clothes
Make up
9. You arrived to your vacation spot. What do you plan on doing?
They seem to know the place, you follow along
Go on your own for a bit then meet up and tell them about the places you saw
Walk through the town together
Looking around for something amusing with him
Look at the different architecture and arts
Play around and take lots of pictures
Go to a quiet cafe
10. Your vacation ended and you meet up with your friends. You tell them about your date and your friends say...
"They seem a bit mean"
"That`s so cute of them"
"Wow, they`re creative"
"A bit scary looking"
"They`re hot but a too quiet"
"So gentle of them"
"Don`t let them over rule you"
11. You and your date decide to go somewhere to hang out. Where do you two go?
Park - enjoying a nice walk together
Cafe - somewhere calm and peaceful
Garden - enjoying the beautiful flowers together
Mall - its fun to look around and do some shopping
Beach - walking on the beach together would be romantic
Movies - watching an action movie will be exciting
Bar - enjoy a few good drinks and a few good food
12. Finally it seems like they want to kiss you. Where do they kiss you?
Lips - a little rough and forceful
Cheek - a cute kiss
Lips - a little wet
Neck - wanting to get intimate
Forehead - a feeling of him being your protector warms you
Tip of nose - playful kisses that will lead to something deep
Head - showing that you are his and he`ll protect you
13. As you go to their place, you seem them outside talking with someone else. It looks like they`re flirting, what is your first reaction?
"They`re dead!"
"Must be their friend"
"Perhaps they were asked something"
"Do they find the other person attractive?"
"Wonder what`s going on"
"Must be some business thing"
"Am I being replaced?"

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