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Who would you be in my Book the Elements!
I am just curious!

1. If Wildtalon came up to you and sat down in the middle of a gathering what would you be thinking!
OMG!!! I am so lucky
Whatever You are so not worth me
Young one trying to look like he knows me LOL
Get away from me young apprentice!!!
Get out of here, show some respect!
Oh i have a great story to tell you !!!
Oh you look like you are hurt
2. If you had to battle against your true loves clan, what would you do!
Just avoid hurting him
I am forbidden to love
Go fight on his side!
Give up on our love, Clan first!
I would not love someone from another clan1
I remeber back when.....
Heal his wounds after
Fight her anyways, no one can no we are in love !!!!!1

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Created on:12/4/2008 4:01:33 PM
Made by:bubbleluvu

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