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Who are you in  quot Guardians Of The Sea    The Banks quot   quiz. Hub Cleo Mo Fang Ink or King Zoner Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who are you in "Guardians Of The Sea #1 The Banks"?
Hub,Cleo,Mo,Fang,Ink or King Zoner?

1. What happened to your parents? (pic Tylosaururs)
They were killed my Tylosaururs
They left me for dead so I`m fighting against them
They tried to kill me because I had fears about something I shouldn`t...the dark
Idk I was born abandoned
I killed them!!!!!!
2. What is your power? (pic Thalassmedon)
I`m a awsome hunter! No one can hear me
I`m REALLY strong
I can...*gulp* dive deep..in the da...dark
I can swim underwater and walk on land
I`m fast
3. Do you enjoy killing? (pic Dolichorhynchops)
No.....not unless I have to
Sure why not?
Hate it!
I like blood,pain and death of my enemies if that`s what you mean
Er....not a big fan
IT"S MY LIFE!!!!!!
4. A evil Tylosaurus has you, your best friend and your lover coner he say he will let one of you free, who?(pic Nothosaurus)
Er...hard but lover
Best friend!
I don`t really have a lover or friends....
5. If you had to die in the sea how`d you like to do it? (pic Temnodontosaurus)
Fight saving my friends in any way
Get killed by my father in place of my friends
Any way but drown (me:yes it is possible for them to go to deep and drown)
I`m not going to die!!!!
Die saving Mo or Cleo
You`ll die before I DO!
6. Now that you`ve seen all the pics which monster would you like to be?
7. Your swiming from a group of Tylosaurus and there catching up to you...what do you do?
Turn and face them
Drive under them (make sure not to go to deep!)
Keep swiming away I`m too fast for them
I`d destory them
8. Would you want to become a Guardian? (a creature who saves others and fights the dark)
I think I have to
I`m just not dark! Anything but dark!
I guess?
I wouldn`t but it seems I have to
I`d rather not just be light
NEVER! I`m the center of evil! Besides thats just a myth
9. "Losers are winners, and winners are losers" what do you think of this?
It`s very true
Yeah! If so I`m a winner!
Yeah I think?
10. Which sea were you born in?
Star Sea
Broken Sea
Ice Sea
Cloud Sea

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