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Who are you in your group of friends?
What position do you have?

1. Your friends want to go to a place that you are not fond of. You...?
Say you`d prefer the other place and see what they do
Try to get you`re frineds to go to your place by joking about how much better it is.
Go to the other place no matter what, and see if you`re friends come.
Do nothing. If you`re friend`s wanna go, then fine.
2. You all planned to go to the movies, but your friend suddenly gets sick! You...?
Skip out on the movie and go another day.
Skip the movie and leave dozens of "Get Well Soon" messages on their phone.
Go to the movies anyways, and rent it with your friend later.
Go over to their house to stay with them.
3. What do your friends say you are?
Confident, creative
Funny, easy-going
Trouble-maker, unique
Calm, smart
4. If your frind was selling lemonade, you would...?
Basically do everything (set up the stand, make lemonade, e.t.c)
Go help, and somehow spill the lemonade on everyone.
Go advertise the lemonade somewhere.
Collect the money and count it up perfectly (you`re good at math)
5. Your frind lost his/her dog! You...?
Go ask people if they`ve seen the dog.
Try to comfort your friend.
Be upset, but not really get involved.
Create posters to put around town.
6. How do you see school as?
Fine, learn stuff, though I don`t really care about it...
A place to make people laugh (even though you might get in trouble)
Only good for recess.
A great place to learn and study great things!
7. What do you like doing with your friends?
Whatever I think is best.
Joking around and pulling pranks.
Whatever we want to!
Calming talks and the occasional fun thing.
8. Ok, done so...how do you think you did?
I did great!
I think I did ok...Wait a minute, is this one of those hidden camera prank shows?
Where`s the results?
Well, based on my calculations, I did very well.

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