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Who are you among my OCs
Ara Place

1. Which film do you like most?
American Horror Stories
Pitch Perfect
Now You See Me
Grey`s Anatomy
The Fault In Our Stars
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
50 First Dates
2. Fear?
Left Alone
Not Being Accepted By Society
Small Holes
Waste Your Life Because Of Random Accident
People Take Advantage Of You
3. If you have to kill one of these, who will you kill
Your Closest Friend Ever
Your Mom
Your Dad
Your Lover
4. If you found out that your friend cheating on his/her lover (also your friend) what would you do?
Tell the one who cheats to stop
Secretly tell the victim
Pretend that you dont see and wait
Become mad and warn the cheater
Ask others for advice
5. Places you like?
Icy Place
6. Favourite Song?
The Only Exception- Paramore
Immortals- Fall Out Boys
Big Eyes- Lana Del Rey
My Heart Skips A Beat- Lenka
Change The World- Aimer
State Of Grace- Taylor Swift
Jar Of Heart- Christina Perri
7. If you havent done your homework?
I Stay Home
That Will Never Happen
Its Not A Big Deal
I Make Up Some Reasons
I Borrow My Mate`s Note And Copy While I Can
8. How do you kill your enemies?
My Smile
Sword And Shield
Archy Is My Style
Bare Hands
Everyone Loves Me. No Enemies
My Girlfiend/Boyfriend Will Kill Them For Me
9. Please leave a comment so i know you drop by :3
I will help you

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Created on:5/22/2015 3:14:54 AM
Made by:drumpjoker

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