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Who are you from the Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants?
sry dudes, for girls only. (e)

1. ok, first question, who do you live with?
my dadand sibling(s)
my mom, stepdad, and sibling(s)
both parents and sibling(s)
just mom
just dad
2. hair color?
3. stereotypes suck, but it has to be done, pick one.
math geek
emo outcast
4. hows your sense of style?
perfect. i always look great.
kind of bland, i dont like wearing flashy clothing
comfortable and nice.
5. if you found out your mom was pregnant, right before you went away to college, what would you do?
resent the baby until it finally comes, then decide its okay.
congratulate her, but secretly be mad.
my mom cant get pregnant, she`s dead.(me: srry, didnt mean to bring any issues up or anything)
6. if you had the pants(im assuming you know what those are), what would you do in them?
go paint or do something else thats artsy
hang out with friends, go flirt with guys.
go on a date.
go visit someone you have a bad relationship with(not necessarily romantic).
7. have you ever been in love?
yes, and it hurts like hell.
i dont know???
8. what`s your most prized possesion?
video camera.
dolls you used to play with when you were little.
soccer ball.
9. out of these choices, which would you consider yourself?
awkward, sweet, quiet.
rebellious, cynical, angry.
fun, energetic, loud.
loving, hypocritical, loud.
10. what are you most likely to read?
a girly mag like glamour or seventeen.
a sports mag
a mystery or sci-fi novel.
11. what kind of shoes?
running shoes.
stylish ones.
12. and last, what is your opinion on the world?
it sucks! the whole world sucks! except my friends....
its a cruel place,
you cant judge the world. you just cant.

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Created on:8/18/2007 1:30:02 PM
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