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Who from the Lunar chronicals are you?
Cinder, Cress, Winter,Levana,Scarlet,Wolf,Jacin, or Thorne

1. You can have one weapon what is it?
a gun
your lunar gift
your body guard
a computer to hack
a space ship
2. If you lived in their world what would you want to be?
a lunar.
a shell
an earthan
a cyborg
an android
3. how do you describe yourself?
a true leader with maybe a prothetic and a mechanical skill
a hacker
a ship driver
an attack dog
a farm girl
a helpless princess
a leader of some kind
human acting robot
a royal guard protective of your little princess
an evil ruthless bossy queen

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Created on:5/10/2016 5:44:10 PM
Made by:peachrain

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