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Who are you from "Jesus Christ Superstar"?
Which character are you from: Jesus, Judas, Pilate, Mary Magdalene, King Herod, or Caiaphas.

1. How do you feel about Jews?
I`m the Messiah, I have to love them.
I think if this goes too far, they`ll turn on us for sure.
Well, I suppose as long as they don`t start any problems.
I don`t know how to love them .
I`m too rich to care, really.
They`re too easily swayed.
2. What`s your opinion of Jesus.
I`ll leave that up to everyone else.
He`s begun to matter more than the things he says.
A misguided martyr and an innocent puppet.
I don`t know how to love him.
He`s a joke, nothing but a fraud.
He must die.
3. What would you do if Romans invaded your country?
Try to ignore them and continue my teachings.
Convince Jesus to fight them out.
I am a Roman.
Whatever Jesus does.
Who cares, as long as I can stay king of Galilee.
They`re not too bad. After all, they appointed me Jewish High Priest.
4. What would be your role in the Crucifiction?
being crucified
turning Jesus over to the Romans
sentencing the crucifiction
rejecting Christ
formulating the arrest plan
5. What`s your singing voice like?
higher range
slightly lower than option 1
smooth and melodic
flamboyant and bouncy
lower than Clinton`s attack ads

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