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Who are you from Harry Potter?
Find out which character you are from Harry Potter!

1. What do you do in your spare time?
Play Sports
Hanging with friends
Coming up with jokes/making people laugh/laughing
Hanging with animals
Be alone/doing something wacky on your own
Bullying people
Hatching evil plans.
Leading people/advising/teaching
2. Which animal do you prefer?
Something unusual-and dangerous! (Like a dragon, for example...or a 3-headed dog....)
A fluffy cat!
A nice dog!
Something different...like a rat...or a toad.
Something cute and fluffy...and safe
Something that can be a good pet, but useful to me. (Like a letter-delievering own ;D)
Something harmless, but unusual...
Something magnificent(Like a pheonix, maybe ;D)
Something cold and dangerous...evil. Like a snake?
3. What are you like at school?
I`m ok-I only break the rules when I have to(for the greater good) and my grades are ok.
I get good grades, though I`m always in trouble.
I get good grades and I do well in class.
I always get top-of-class!
I never try, bad grades.
4. What`s your favourite activity?
Hanging with friends
Caring for animals
Helping others.
Hatching evil plans
Laughing at a good comedy
5. Your friends would describe you as...
a loner/outcast
a bully
the boring one
the funny one
the smart, studious one
kind, gentle one
The wise one
6. Would you do anything to help your friends?
Depends how close we were.
Yes. I would do anything for my friends, even die for them.
I would do anything to save my friends, animals and himans, giants and spiders, dragons and skrewts-
No. All that matters is I get what I want.
7. The most important thing to you is...
Equal rights.
I taking over the world.
My loved ones
My animals/pets
A possesion that is dear to you.
A possesion that you need to help rule the world
8. If there was a fire, everyone got out safe but there was time to save one possesion, it would be....
The equipment I use for my favourite sport(a football, skateboard...a broomstick...)
All my books/notes for school/homework peice you spent all last night doing)
Your pet.
Your wacky inventions you spent ages creating
Something important, like a diary, money etc
Something that will help you take over the world that you can not afford to lose
9. Are you popular?
Only because I bully people
Yes :)
No, I`m an outcast
I have one or two friends...
I have a small group of friends
10. Which house?

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