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Who are you from 90210?

1. Someones just accused your best mate of getting off with YOUR boyfriend. How do you react?
Confront her calmly.
Confront her angrily and agressively
Don`t say anything. Its a stupid rumour. She would never do that!
Find your friend. Humiliate her in front off everyone. Throw a fit. How dare she!
Make sure her life becomes a living hell by making sure that NOBODY talks to her.
2. You`re drunk. You`re driving. You run over someone. Nobody sees. Later on, you just wave it off. You didn`t hit anyone. Is was just a deer or something, right? But then the truth starts coming back to haunt you...
You would never let it get that far. You would have told someone the truth as soon as it happened.
Nothing. It was just a deer, remember?
Confide to a friend and ask them what to do?
Kill yourself.
Keep it in for as long as possible, but then admit then truth.
3. You`re mums a drunk. Alcohol has always been more important then you. You`re convinced you hate her. But then, one day, she starts wants to spend time with you again.You refuse. After what shes done? But then you find out shes dying. What d`you do?
Run into her arms and make her last few months the best shes ever had!
At first you`re reluctant, but then decide that even after what shes done, shes still your mum.
You still hate her, but decide to help her.
Don`t feel anything. Shes neglected you all your life. Why should you help her just coz shes dying?
4. How would you describe your personality?
Bit of a cow, but you still look out for your loved ones.
Nice, friendly.
Quiet, loyal.
A jerk.
Confident, not afraid to speak your mind.
A cow who only cares about themselves.
A bit of a loner.
5. What are you-popular wise- at school?
The`it` girl.
The girl that sits alone in the corner.
The `drifter`. Y`know, the one whos friends with everyone, no real close mates.
Friends with everyone.
Three or four really close friends.
A third of the school are friends, another enemies, another are scared of you.
One or two close mates.
6. Somethings happened. Maybe a rumour started it off, maybe you did something, maybe its just nobody likes you. Whatever the reason, nobody at school will talk to you. Your friends disown and everyone ignores you. What d`you do?
Keep to yourself and ignore the ugly words people call to you when you walk passed.
Confront your friends, make them talk.
Throw a hissy-fit in front of the whole school. What have you done to deserve this?
Move schools. You just can`t deal with that anymore.
Become a feared bully.
7. Last of all, would you like to go to highschool in Beverly Hills?
Couldn`t deal with the drama. No.
I would give it a try.

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