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Who Would You Fall For  Vampire  Werewolf  Demon or Angel    quiz. The final installment of my story based  who would you fall for   quizzes  Thanks to everyone who s been following them   D Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who Would You Fall For? Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Angel? 6
The final installment of my story-based 'who would you fall for?' quizzes! Thanks to everyone who's been following them! :D

1. So one of the guys came through the portal first in the last quiz (as your result) and you both declared your love for each other. Are you now ready for the final chapter?
Look, I`ve been waiting too long for this! HURRY UP!
Yeah... suppose.
I sure am! Let`s get started!
2. "What now?" you ask when everyone has arrived through the portal. "We go in there," Craig said, gesturing towards the giant, slime citadel. "And you defeat the Shadow."
Wait! What do you mean I defeat it? Aren`t you going to help me! *Hyperventilate*
Right! I`m ready! That shadow is going to learn what it means to feel PAIN!
Okay, I think I can do this. No I can do this, I have to keep telling myself that.
3. "So, what? You guys aren`t coming?" you ask, fear welling up inside of you. "Of course we are," assured Nick. "But we are going to be busy holding back the guards, while you run ahead."
Thank you so much! I knew you wouldn`t leave me to do this by myself! :D
What? I don`t need your help! I can take all of them!
But I don`t wanna fight them by myself! Oh wait? You`re going to help? Oh, okay!
4. There was nothing else to say, so the four guys ran ahead of you, beckoning you to follow and you did so, practicing to call on the light inside of you and noticing you occasionally started glowing as you ran...
This is so cool! I can call upon it whenever I need to now!
Come on you stupid powers! Can`t you do more than just make me glow!?
CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON! My powers are well in truly in my control! WOOHOO!
I hope I can do this...
5. As you approached the citadel you saw Craig`s body deform as he changed into his wolf form. then roared, Dane bent his knees and his canine teeth looked extremely sharp as he hissed, NIck flew up into the air, his wings almost glowing behind him...
Click! *Won`t effect*
Or click!
6. ...and Kyle spread out his thick bat-like wings, the spines on their ends bared, capable of tearing anything apart. Who are you looking at as they do this?
Kyle! Those wings look so strong and he is standing as if he is trying to protect me...
Dane, with his teeth bared he almost looks like an animal, but he keeps glaring at me...
Craig! In wolf form he is frightening, but so protective at the same time.
Nick... He is flying directly above me, at the ready to fly off with me and save me if needed...
7. Suddenly, a giant black door appears from out of nowhere from the citadel and opens up to reveal hundreds of the same black, slimy creatures as the actual shadow, walking towards them...
*Holds up fists* You want some of this? Come and get it!
Hi fellas, you wouldn`t mind surrendering would you? (Me: Yeah, I don`t think that`s gonna happen!)
HIYAH! TAKE THAT, AND THAT! *Sings `Kung Fu FIghting` song to cheer self on*
8. All four guys came towards the guards, Craig pounced on top of one bit at its face, Kyle tore them apart with his wings, Dane fought them off with extremely swift movements and Nick lifted them off and dropped them as you ran through the citadel...
*Tears well up in eyes* I hope I can do this...
*Silently run*
That Shadow is going to wish it never... umm... lived?
Feel the might of my power!! WAAHHHHH!!!!!
9. You weren`t sure how you knew where you were going, but part of you was able to lead the way. Then suddenly you came to a halt as you came to the darkest part of the citadel. You let your body glow so that you could see the actual Shadow this time...
I need more space! Lol, please click!
Click click click!
10. ... standing before you, but it wasn`t just the regular size of a tall man, no, it was HUGE! At least the size of a double-decker bus. "I have looked forward to this moment for centuries," it suddenly said in a ghastly and threatening voice.
Oh so you can talk now! Big man! Let`s just get this over with!
*Sarcastic voice* How nice of you to be thinking about me for so long!
*Looks at other answers* Hello? Didn`t anyone read the question! It said it was the size of a bus!
Your just a stupid blob! I can take you!
11. You were silent as suddenly the Shadow lifted one huge fist and rammed it down into the ground, but you were able to leap to the side before it crushed you. The ground trembled and it did the same thing again, this time a bit of it latched onto you..
Fine, you wanna fight! We`ll fight!
*Continues to dodge attacks, searching mind for a plan*
I really would appreciate you not doing that again!
12. You flicked the piece of darkness off you, but found more was attaching itself to you, like leeches, and you were struggling to get it off. Fear ran through you as the Shadow leaned down , with its giant mouth open to suck out your soul...
Click again!
Yeah, you`re probably getting a bit annoyed! Sorry!
13. You couldn`t move though, for the darkness was making you stick to the ground and even preventing you from using your powers. You feel tears well inside your eyes, but their not for you, their for...
Craig... I know that I will never see him again now... never again...
Nick. Because of me he`ll die... die trying to protect me...
Dane... I`ll never see those alluring red eyes again.
Kyle, and its all because I`m not strong enough... not strong enough to stop this thing...
14. As these thoughts enter your mind you realise your glowing again, so brightly the darkness peels off your skin and the Shadow slithers back in fear. You are glowing even more than when you were in Craig`s back yard.
That`s what I`m talking about!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, powers! Its finally happening!
*Inhales deeply* This is it... I can feel it...
15. You glow like the sun itself and feel power like no other drifting through your veins. You exhale the light as it pours from your nose, mouth and eyes. Then it expands and explodes into a devastating boom, making the Shadow screech painfully...
Have I killed it this time?
OMG!! I think I did it!
You call that a battle? Pfft, easy peasy.
Thank you awesome powers!
16. Then it disappears in front of you, along with the black world, which instead becomes a luxurious environment... And that`s all! The complete ending is in the result! But other than that, its finished! Did you like it?
This was heaps good! Its just sad its over! (Me: Sorry, but I`ve run out of things to write!)
Its only good, because you finally hurried up and finished it!
Yeah, it was okay.

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