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Who Would You Fall For  Vampire  Werewolf  Demon or Angel    quiz. Number    Hope everyone has been looking forward to this  Oh and for those that have said these are too long  I m really sorry  but to make these story based quizzes good and not go for like over     parts they have to be  Anyways  please rate and comment   D Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who Would You Fall For? Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Angel? 5
Number 5! Hope everyone has been looking forward to this! Oh and for those that have said these are too long, I'm really sorry, but to make these story based quizzes good and not go for like over 100 parts they have to be! Anyways, please rate and comment! :D

1. In the last quiz you discovered your power and thought you killed the shadow, but were told it would take a lot more than that. Ready for the second last issue (I think)?
Yes! I am ready to go! :D
OMG WHAT? 2nd last!? No, now I`m not!
For the tenth time! Yes I am ready now get on with it or this will be the LAST issue!
2. "How do we destroy it?" you ask, still shaken from what happened earlier. "We must go into its own world, the Black World, and kill it there, but only you`re capable of doing so," Nick explained.
What the hell is the `Black World?` You meaning to tell me there is more than one world!? *Faints*
*Mouth opens wide and stares*
Easy peasy! I`ll beat the crap out of it now that I have these awesome powers!
WAHH??? But I just discovered these things!
Alright I think I can do this... I hope I can...
3. "And it`ll have to be soon," Kyle added. "How soon?" you ask, feeling anxiety well up inside of you. "Tomorrow at the latest," Kyle answered and you stared at all four of the guys wide eyed and say...
*Laughs really loud* "Wait? Why aren`t you laughing!? WHY AREN`T YOU LAUGHING!?"
"Right, that shadow is going to learn what it means to feel PAIN!"
"I`ll do what I can!" :D (Me: Okay, maybe that is just a little too optimistic!)
"I don`t think I can..."
4. No matter what you said after a moments silence you also exclaim: "But I can`t fight it TOMORROW! I don`t even know how to control these powers!" "You will know when the time comes," Dane assured you and you frowned, then sighed when you realised...
Click this one or the other one please! (Won`t effect!)
Yep read above.
5. ... they weren`t going to say otherwise. "Well can you at least allow me to rest for this night?" Craig was the one who nodded and told you that you could sleep in his `mum`s` bed. They stayed in the living room and you went into the large bedroom...
Pfft, I don`t need to sleep! I can take that black thing now!
*Goes to sleep instantly on the huge king-sized bed*
*Bounces on bed before wearing self out and collapses*
How nice of them to let me sleep on the best bed in the house! :) (Me: I agree!)
Can Dane sleep with me? :)
*Looks at answer 5* Yeah, I agree someone should share this comfy bed with me... Nick!
No! I want Craig! :D
I don`t need anyone to sleep with me... but then again it`d be nice if Kyle kept me company...
6. You dream heaps that night, more than you`ve ever dreamt before in just one night. Who do you dream of?
Craig in his wolf form, calm and looking at me with big, brown eyes. I go onto his back and he runs.
Dane. His arms are around me and he leans over and bites my neck. I feel no pain, only love...
Nick with his arms and wings around me supportingly. He flaps his wings and we fly together...
Dane is behind me and whispering in my ear, I close my eyes and feel his wings lift us high up...
7. When you wake up you are fully relaxed and think that everything that has happened to you was merely a dream, but realise otherwise as you notice your in Craig`s `mum`s` bed...
*Sigh* Would have been nice for my life to be normal after all...
*Cries softly*
Why am I in Craig`s mum`s room?! Oh right... that...
I can handle this! I hope...
8. You get up and have some toast that the guys made for you and thank them for it. When you are finished with your orange juice you ask, "So how exactly are we meant to get to this `Black World?`" "Through a portal," Craig suddenly answers.
Click click click!
Or click click click!
9. You believe him instantly, for not much can surprise you now. "Where is it?" you ask and Craig gestures to his back yard. Suddenly all four of the guys stand up and walk to his back yard and wait for you.
Looks like an ordinary backyard to me... Just like always...
OMG!! Oh wait, there`s nothing here.
Come on you portal! Show yourself!
Umm.. are you sure this is where it is? Sure your not mistaken? Because its okay if you are.
10. "Uhh, where is it?" you ask, not being able to see anything out of the ordinary. "Right in front of you," Kyle said and you squinted, thinking maybe then it`d show up. "Just run forward and imagine your power surrounding you," instructed Nick.
Okays, here goes! WAHHH!!!
I don`t think this is going to work... Huh?
Right! I can do this! WOAH!
Yeah, I`m the all-powerful! AHH!
11. ... you do as Nick says and run towards the back fence and focus on your power to kick in. Suddenly the familiar golden glowing light starts shifting out of you and then suddenly, in a flash of light, you were on a cliff overlooking a...
Sorry about yet another one of these! Please click!
Sorry again! *Click*
12. ... huge expanse of a dark landscape, lifeless, black, twisted trees was the only vegetation visible and there was deadly sharp rocks everywhere you looked, but in the centre was a great citadel, made from the same black liquid as the shadow...
Eww.. I don`t have to go in there do I?
What the hell is with all the black! Does the shadow think itself too big for colour?
WOAH! It actually worked! I did the glowy thingy without being in danger!
So this is it... *Gulps*
I just have to stay confident in myself!
13. Who do you want to come out of the portal first? (Sorry if this isn`t the same as your result!)
14. And that`s it! How did you like the 2nd last installment of my story-based quizzes?
Mmm, it was okay.
Loved it loved it loved it loved it!!! (Me: *Celebration*)
It was good as always! (Me: :D Thank you!)
Yeah, yeah, just chop chop with the last issue!

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