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Who Would You Fall For  Vampire  Werewolf  Demon or Angel    quiz. Part    things are gonna get crystal clear for you by the end of this quiz and the action will commence during the next issue  Hope you like it  If you haven t done the others of these story based quizzes  please do so  for it may be a bit confusing otherwise  Please rate and comment      Thanks Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Who Would You Fall For? Vampire, Werewolf, Demon or Angel? 4
Part 4, things are gonna get crystal clear for you by the end of this quiz and the action will commence during the next issue! Hope you like it! If you haven't done the others of these story based quizzes, please do so, for it may be a bit confusing otherwise! Please rate and comment! ^_^ Thanks!

1. So in the last quiz you had some of your questions answered and Kyle summed up why they were there: to protect you and help you find your powers. How is it so far?
SO, SO, SO, SO COOL!! (Me: ^_^)
*Cracks knuckles* Just hurry up.
They`re really good! You are a great quiz-maker! (Me: Thankyou!)
Umm... they`re okay.
2. "Well how am I meant to find my `powers?`" you ask, hoping they`ll know. "The quickest way is to put you in real genuine danger, which won`t be hard, we can just get you to go outside," said Kyle. "But there are other ways," pointed out Nick.
Whatever is easier for you guys, I don`t mind. :)
Danger? Pfft, that shadow wouldn`t stand a chance against me! Let me at it! *Hold up fists*
Huh? Did you say danger? Uhh... I don`t really think I`m up for more of that...
I don`t care what we do, as long as I can find out what my powers are!
3. "But those ways tend to take a lot longer," said Kyle. "Its her choice," argued Craig and then they were all silent. You noticed they were waiting for you to choose and so you said, "I suppose I`ll go outside, since you guys think I should..."
Clicky clicky (won`t effect I just need more space to type).
Clicky clicky this one or that one! ^
4. You stood up from Craig`s lounge and they all stood up simultaneously with you. You walked over to Craig`s back door and held your breath as you opened it and stepped onto the grass outside. The others waited inside, ready to come out if you needed..
I`m ready! Give me all you got you dark splodge!
Okay... I`m going to stay calm... everything is going to be okay...
WAH! WHAT WAS THAT?! Oh wait it was a moth...
*Stares into bushes*
*Continues holding breath*
5. Suddenly you see it again, the shadow, creeping its way through the grass in front of you. It is like a black liquid, and as it gets to you it grows upwards into a ten foot humanoid shape, bits of the darkness falling off it only to regroup again...
Quiztron really should allow you to type more in the question section. Haha.
*Agrees with self*
6. You stand there, so frightened you can`t move. The huge creature is centimetres from your face and is looking right at you with flat black eyes. "It isn`t going to happen!" you hear Craig yell. "It will," Dane said. "I can see it."
Would you powers kick in already!
Maybe this isn`t just a stupid black blob...
*Silence* (Me: Do you ever say anything?)
Please don`t kill me!
*Starts throwing punches at shadow, but notices your hand just goes straight through* Crap.
7. You weren`t sure what Dane meant when he said he could `see it,` but as you saw the shadow open its black mouth to reveal thousands of tiny sharp teeth you felt something come over you... Your entire body felt like it was about to pop with energy...
No!!! It can`t pop!!! If it does I`ll just be a head!!
What`s happening to me?
Not on my watch! My body isn`t going anywhere!
I hope this means my powers are kicking in...
8. You felt like you could run around a football court ten times and still not feel tired. You stared at the shadow as it leaned even closer to suck at your mouth to steal you soul, you can hear your heart beating as your body begins to glow...
Okay... that`s random... not sure how glowing is meant to help me...
Yeah, beat that you black thingy! I`m glowing!
Wdh? What am I meant to do now?
Okay! This is a start at least!
9. It glows so much the shadow takes a step back and shields its eyes. You look down at your hands and suddenly the glowing gets brighter still, until it explodes out of your body and you see the shadow burn up before your very eyes...
Click please!
Click eeet!
10. The guys behind you in the house go flying backwards from the immense force and the windows beak. Suddenly everything goes quiet and you collapse, exhausted. When you open your eyes inside who is holding you in his arms?
Nick! And his huge bird-like wings are wrapped around me gently... *Sigh*
Dane. He is looking at me with those red eyes of his and once I look into them, I can`t turn away.
Kyle. He is frowning, but more of a look of worry than anything else.
Craig! His large arms are around me softly and I feel my heart rate rise...
11. "Hi," you say weakly and he smiles. "What happened?" you ask as you sit up and take a glass of water from the coffee table, gulping it down. "You discovered your power," Nick said. "The power of light. Your more powerful than we ever thought."
Light? That sounds so amazing...
Aww, your just saying that! *Blushes*
Awsomeness! WOOT WOOT!
I`d never imagine any of this would ever happen to me...
12. "Did I kill it?" you ask as you remember seeing it burn up before your very eyes. "No," answered Craig. "If it were that easy it would have been dead long ago..." And that`s it! That`s the end of part four! Who do you like the most so far?
Craig the werewolf!
Dane the vampire!
Nick the angel!
Kyle the demon!
I don`t know. (Me: T.T still?)
13. Did you enjoy it?
Yeah, it was okay.
Yes, it was great! :)
Look, as long as you hurry up with the next one I say its okay!

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